Friday, January 14, 2011

My little bio-char experiment

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So, this is what I am doing since I have become fascinated with biochar and how it can help improve the soil around here. So I am doing an experiment.

First, bed will be my control. It is merely tilled earth that had compost over it for 6 months.

Second Bed - This will be as above, but with rotted chicken manure used to help smother the fire and inoculate the biochar.

Third Bed - This biochar will be smothered with compost and horse manure.

Fourth Bed - Biochar will be made green, seasoned, and dry woods. Then smothered with , & soil, manure, & vermicompost.

All composts have some seaweed matter in them as it is a valuable resource for the garden and comes freely while crabbing. Certainly win -win!!!

Trenches were dug for the various beds, soil still being moved. Very tired since I did not sleep not prior since mind is going over various uses biochar could have for this community.


  1. Field Trial Data Base; The new version of BiocharDB has been released! To see it, please visit

    The Guide to Conducting Biochar Trials

    The Guide to Conducting Biochar Trials is a 32 page document that covers all aspects of designing and setting up a biochar experiment in a nursery or field plot. It covers quick and easy methods for testing biochar suitability, designing replication and controls, how to do soil testing and how to analyze your results.

    Good Luck,

  2. Where can I find you in Coquille/Coos County, Mekka?

  3. Dear Dr. John,
    I will not give out my address over the internet. I am a somewhat internet savy person and am protecting my anonymity with a false name of Mekka due to past life experiences with unscrupulous people. Not that I am trying to infer that you are one, but rather I am eluding to my reasons for protection over the internet. Please take no offense. :)

  4. Are you the same Dr. John that helped with the draft of the Environmental Impact for Vegetation Treatment Using Herbicides on behalf of 5 different groups such as Residents of Oregon Against Deadly Sprays and Smoke?