Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Long day yesterday, rough morning today.

Current: Overcast
Wind: E at 5 mph
Humidity: 70%

Yesterday I dropped trees in the morning and hiked the logs for splitting back up the hill 2 at a time till the lunch whistle blew. Then after running errands in town I went back at it till my knees gave out. At that time I went over to Myrtle Point to visit a failing cattle ranch. Damn shame of it too, it has so much potential for permaculture and profit.

Later last night I BBQ'd up some steaks, red yams from Coquille Produce and fresh peas. Great evening under the stars last night. As a shooting star passed last night I learned of a friend passing on. I should be sad & grieving but this is one of those times I am happy a person passed quickly.

Not sure if I will work today, but for now, I am just thinking of good times since life and death are nothing but cycles of nature.

Peace, stay green.

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