Friday, January 28, 2011

Wednesday I was dumb...

Yep, I am saying it. Wednesday I wound up dropping and limbing trees again. I then did the usual of tossing or carrying logs up the hill. Then I decided to go crabbing with a buddy that heard the crabs were running. What a mistake that was.

First we checked out Bandon. Not only was the bar having high seas, but the 9' waves breaking at the beach by the lighthouse also caused 3 separate sections of breaker waves at the Coquille River mouth. The crabs don't like crossing that bar since the jetty went up long ago when there is high surf. Next time I will check Magic Seaweed and get the true lowdown on weather and ocean / surf conditions.

So we pulled out of Bandon and headed up to Charleston via 7 devils. I will never take the full run of 7 devils ever again. Seeing that monoculture desert that some idiot thinks is a forest was just too much for my soul to take. By the time we got to Charleston I was starting to succumb to exhaustion both physically, and mentally.

We stopped at the furthest docks and I put the traps down, 4 hours later I had 4 crabs to my name that were keeper Red Rock crabs. The traps though were heavy with baby Dungeness crabs. Always just under by 1/2 an inch. After watching the last light set over Cape Aragos my friend and I set for home. I was utterly exhausted.

Thursday I awoke nearly unable to walk at all, and as such I did nearly no work. To put a finer point on it, I think I know what the character "Cotton Hill" would of felt like if he was real. I say nearly because I walked out to a clearing in the orchard and started planning a keyhole mandala garden. We will see how things go today, at the moment, I am feeling still a little crabby.

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