Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Best Lesson in Family Self-Sufficency

The other day I was with some friends that hunt deer & elk, and more. They also fish and talk about thier wives gardens and the problems that have due to this dying and that bug, or this Eco-freak made it so they can't hunt on reserved lands. I soaked it all up listening, not saying a word.

My mind then started thinking about what it really means to be self-sufficient. Is it the Earthships made in Taos, New Mexico.. the ultimate in 100% self-sufficient recycled beautiful housing? They generate thier own electricity, collect more then enough water for home use, passive heating and cooling, completely cleaning of grey & black water. Or is it the Cob Homes of Europe, and New Zealand that have lasted longer then many countries.

Well, in permaculture you take any home & land you have, and you add a permaculture food forest around the home. Imagine if you will a home garden that provides all your food and medicine year round, and has done so reliably not for decades, but centuries! Would that be something that interests you, your family, your friends?

Well, take a look at this.

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