Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have you started veggies?

Given the current state of oil world-wide, and the rising prices of food I decided to do something about it; Grow food of course!

I have, and I do admit I am a bit behind with starting my seedlings, however, given the wacky state of our weather as of late, maybe it was a good thing. Here is what I have started, and what I will continue to start through mid-March.

12 Broccoli

12 Cabbage

100 Onions

12 Turnips

12 Beets

2 Cherry Tomatoes

12 Paste Tomatoes

6 Slicing tomatoes

Plant peas and fava beans in ground

Started mustard / oriental greens in cold frame along with

12 Spinach

12 Radish

12 Parsley

50 Leeks

6 Cabbages started weekly through mid-March.

What's growing at your home? Are you starting you Victory Permaculture Garden?!

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