Friday, August 5, 2011

Another Reason not to shop for food at Walmart!!!

Many people know mega-corporations such as Walmart destroy communities by driving local businesses out of business. Some people say that's just the way of capitalism. That's an excuse.

Many people of Coos County, here in Oregon know that because of Walmart, that the supermarket, Albertsons had to close its doors forever. Shame too, they had a much safer meat supply then Walmart.

Well, now did you know it is possible you were poisoned? It's already well known that China has shipped the US tainted food and toiletries in the past, but that is all done with now right?


China has arrested 2,000 people and shut down nearly 5,000 businesses in a clampdown on illegal food additives, after a series of food safety scares. Here is the full story.

What bothers me about all this is that this is how companies like Monsanto and Dow make more money. It was bad enough that China lost a large amount of watermelons this year (hence the higher price) due to over pumping of fertilizers in a rush to get to market, well that same foods that get over pumped by chemicals does indeed effect you and your health.

Not sure if you know this, but plants that get over pumped with chemicals during growth taste different & are potentially harmful. Here are 2 examples, seemingly unrelated but illustrate this point.

In CA, medical marijuana (which doesn't need to be smoked for therapy) now gets tested by a 3rd party usually in order to test for high levels of chemical fertilizers. This is because the marijuana itself cannot give you lung cancer, but the chemical fertilizers if pumped up too high can.

Ever taste a really bitter cabbage? Dole foods now has packages of chopped cabbage ready for coleslaw. Recently I had a package made here to go with lunch we made for friends. No one could eat the cole slaw due to how bitter it was. Again, this is due to over pumping of chemical fertilizers.

I miss the days of tasty raw foods. I miss having more then 5 types of apples in the stores, and I miss an infra-structurally sound America. Permaculture is the way to a sound America, more on this soon.

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  1. What do you mean by "What bothers me about all this is that this is how companies like Monsanto and Dow make more money"?

    Also, can you rpove that Marijuana only causes cancer with fertilizers? Most of the carcinogens are from incomplete combustion, which happens in both those plants grown with fertilizers and those with out.

    Are you sure it was the cabbage that was bitter? How do you know that it wasn't something sprayed on the cabbage, or something you used in the dressing? Even if it was the cabbage itself how do you know that the bitterness wasn't the result of cultivation choices? If someone failed to water the cabbage regularly it could start to bolt, if they collected it after that then it would be bitter, having everything to do with water and nothing to do with fertilizers.