Thursday, August 11, 2011

Incoming Changes...

With my chicken tractor making it's first pass past 3 fruit trees, 2 nut trees, a patch of rhubarb, a huckleberry bush, a verbena, and a blueberry with assorted rhododendrons and other perennials I am marveled at that chicken waste, and scratching that has occurred. My once beautiful patch of crimson clover cover crop destroyed and composted right where it lied. Nitrogen now fixed into the soil & more humus created. Thank you chickens.

However, because of how much work & love we are providing each other, I will be changing their 10'x4'x4' tractor to a more easily managed 7' dome. I am also creating a perimeter fedge barrier around the veg garden. This will comprise of bramble berries, then a slightly inner circle from that of horsetail, comfrey, nettles and Sunchoke a.k.a. Jerusalem Artichoke., then a slightly inner circle from their that consists of various herbs and spices.

The purpose of this fedge is to make a barrier from not only deer, but also provide food, compost and most importantly stop grass from entering the veg garden area. Next inside we will have 6 new dwarf fruit trees, a 4' pond, and finally 6 veg beds. However the veg beds I decided not to establish till the fedge is in full swing. Cover crops will be utilized until then.

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