Friday, November 25, 2011

Permaculture, Consumerism, and Occupy Wall Street

Warning - If you are sensitive, you might not like what I have to say below.

As part of what has quickly become a world wide protest against the incredible bull shit of my life time, I, and the people who are currently here at the Farm this Friday all have refused to shop today, "Black Friday".

As I logged into the internet I saw photos of people rushing Macy's in NYC, and elsewhere in order to save a sawbuck or three. While I commend saving money in any form, I do not, and cannot in good conscious any more participate in Black Friday, and as such, I join the Occupy movement today by NOT SHOPPING.

I would rather do what people used to do on Holidays, visit with friends and family and share good times. I have nothing but sorrow for the sheeple drones that went into work at midnight, or earlier for the sake of the rich, thinking they could lose their job, or its better then being at work later today.

However all you drones that keep allowing these corporations run your life and take away your time off with friends and family are no longer free. You are a slave to your job, and the lifestyle you have picked as a result of it. When I was growing up no one worked yesterday, we didn't have to be into work because the store opened at midnight.

Scale down, stop sending you money overseas like a junky & learn to do for yourself, and your family instead. Take back your life and stop being a sheeple drone.

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