Monday, November 21, 2011

Thinking out problems with Permaculture Design

I am currently working all be it painfully slowly on design for the property in its complete form, and I start to wonder about the time factor. How do I take into account for people who visit & impacts on grey water and so on. So many factors to consider when working from zone 1 outwards.

One moment a grey water wetland has to generally handle say 180 gallons, but someone suddenly visits and aren't very respectful you could be looking at over 250, or more, for a week, a month, 6 months, 1.5 years. It could happen.

Another threat to design is myself. What if I can hold classes here in the future, it could happen, unlikely, but it could. Impact of visitors to grey and black water change impact overall systems of the property. My point is, a person can plan and think of variables all the time to plan against, but if you go this route you stop living. There needs to be a point to plan for, go with, and then maintain or keep in balance.

To that end, time to get sketching and planning.

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