Thursday, January 5, 2012

Permaculture has no metaphysics or other forms of spiritualism

That's right it doesn't. No where is any religion, spiritualism, or metaphysics taught anywhere. It does however help with bringing a community closer together. Craig over at PRI has set forth exactly how I feel over this topic right here.

Permaculture is not, and should not, be directly associated with a particular set of beliefs. Permaculture can and should be implemented by every culture and by people from every spiritual or non-spiritual background. By directly associating permaculture with a particular, specific, belief system you are ruling out participation from all those with other belief-sets. You are marginalising permaculture, and saying that to be a permaculturist, you must agree with this subjective belief system.
It's a heated topic to be sure with over 100 replies at the time of writing this. To understand where PRI, myself and Permaculture is truly coming from, please read here.

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